Virtual Gardens Festival Choir Concert

Sunday 28th June 2020

St. Helen's Parish Church Virtual Choir, Welton

St. Helen's Virtual Choir 2020

Charlotte Duffus (Head Chorister)
Alice Goode (Deputy)
Catherine Sleight
Emma Duffus
Cosmo Plummer
Millie Mason
Lily Mason
Stephanie Sleight (Returner)
Holly Preston (Guest)

Elia & Art Godrich
Anna & Lauren Cook
Bethany & Eleanor Hindley
Rose Tindale

Helen Duffus (Choir Director)
Jackie Naidoo
Sue Gilbert
Jo Capes
Nikki Bryant
Jennifer Nutbrown
Claire Smith (Returner)
Diana Pocock (Guest)
Francine Godrich (Returner)
Emma Mason (Guest)
Esther Hindley (Returner)
Elizabeth Gilbert (Returner)
Joanna Gilbert (Returner)

Christine Walker
Hilary Drysdale
Gillian Johnson
Janice Brady
Mary Stead
Judy Sargison
Ruth Hunter
Louise Sanderson
Val Merrett
Philippa Naidoo (Returner)
Alice Gold (Returner)
Corinne Cook (Returner)

Gareth Naidoo
Ian Sanderson
Mike Cook (Returner)

Mike Stead
Mike Davis
Anthony Mason
James Smith (Returner)
Alex Duffus (Returner)
Peter Duffus (Returner)

2020 Virtual Concert Programme

How to watch these videos

To watch each video, please click on the blue ‘Watch video’ link. Some of the videos are quite large so you will need a reasonably fast broadband connection for this to work well. If you experience any playback issues, please right click on the ‘Watch video’ link (Control click on a Mac, tap and hold on a smartphone or tablet) to save the video to your computer before playing it from there.


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(Upper voices)

For the beauty of the earth
words F S Pierpoint, music John Rutter
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Vocal Duet: 
(Millie and Lily)

From the tiny ant
words G Gardner, music D Coombes
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Vocal Solo: 

Linden Lea
words W Barnes, music R. Vaughan Williams
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I, the Lord of Sea and Sky
words from Isaiah 6, music D Schutte, arr. M Archer
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Vocal Solo: 

Let’s go fly a kite
from ‘Mary Poppins’
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Junior Choir: 

The Rhythm of Life
from ‘Sweet Charity’, words Dorothy Fields, music Cy Coleman
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Vocal Solo:
(Alice Gold)

The Sound of Music
from ‘The Sound of Music’
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Junior Choir and Tinies 

Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks
words and music D Fishel, arr. P Hawes
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Violin Solo:

Giga from Sonata in D
William McGibbon, with harpsichord backing track played by Jeremy Barlow
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Piano Solo:

Canon in D
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Junior Choir:
(solos Millie and Emma) 

Lead me, Lord
music S S Wesley
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Vocal Duet: 
(Charlotte and Alice)

You Raise Me Up
Graham & Lovland
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Gardens Day Concert Song 2020
words H P Duffus, with E R Duffus and the Mason family, music Battle Hymn of the Republic
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Junior Choir: 

All things bright and beautiful
words C F Alexander, music John Rutter
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O Perfect Love
words Dorothy F Gurney, music G K Naidoo
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Violin and Piano: 
(Philippa and Gareth)

Home Away from Home
by Phil Coulter from ‘Winter’s Crossing’ by James Galway & Phil Coulter
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Thine be the Glory
E L Budry, translated R B Hoyle, music G F Handel, descant unknown
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If you are 7 years or older and interested in joining our choir please contact Helen (tel: 875140 or e-mail or Reverend Elaine Bielby or speak to any chorister. We rehearse on Sunday mornings before church and sing at the 10.15 am service each Sunday, as well at weddings at St Helen’s and occasionally elsewhere and at other special services or occasions. We are particularly looking for men as well as boys or girls aged between 7 and 18. You do not need to know how to read music before you join and we do not require you to pass an audition.

We are very proud of our family involvement: currently we have 3 sets of sisters, 2 couples, 1 mother with 1 daughter and 1 with 2, 2 mothers with a son each, 1 father with 2 daughters, and 1 grandmother with grandson. Many others have had children, parents,  grandparents or siblings singing with them in the past, so if you are a family who would like to join us – please do – you will be most welcome, and if you know another family or individual who might be interested please pass this on.